Nutritional Therapy – What is it?

Nutritional Therapy is an evidence-based form of care which is patient-centred. When paying for a Nutritional Therapy consultation, you pay for practitioner time to listen to you, evaluate your symptoms and medical history as well as research the best strategies to suit your individual circumstances. You can expect to receive exclusive attention and personal advice. Nutritional Therapists dedicate their TIME to understand you and you can see that in every consultation. More than diet recommendations, a Nutritional Therapist can teach you how to make sense of your symptoms in order to work with your body in the best way to improve quality of life. You can expect to be seen as a whole person and therefore receive holistic care.

Practitioners take in consideration:

  • medical history
  • family background
  • emotional influences
  • diet and lifestyle habits
  • stress levels
  • personal circumstances (including work pressures and home life)
  • genetic and epigenetic influences

We work primarily with modification of diet and lifestyle habits but sometimes we also employ the use of specific supplements, depending on food restrictions, difficulties of absorption or underlying deficiencies identified from laboratory tests.

An individual case study is developed for each and every client as part of a thorough investigation.  The practitioner dedicates considerable time during and outside the consultation to gather and analyse information about your health and your history. The latest relevant research applicable to each case is also reviewed for the development of a safe and effective action plan.

Nutritional Therapy is based on the principles of Functional Medicine where all organ systems are considered interconnected in an integrative approach. Nutritional Therapists have an expertise in quality of life and the main focus is on your perceived wellbeing.

Physiological, psychological and neuro-endocrinological aspects are analysed and considered in terms of their influences on health and wellbeing. Each person is seen as a whole individual with a unique history of symptoms, emotional influences and physical conditions.

Once both you and your therapist know the reasons behind your particular symptoms, you will be guided through a therapeutic programme and a plan of action. This plan of action details what to do to improve your well-being whilst supporting your body to improve functional capacity.

Nutritional Therapy is amongst the most personalised professional forms of care available in the UK.

The client’s participation in the decision process is an important aspect of Nutritional Therapy and individual preferences are respected at all times.