Easy Homemade Gluten Free Biscuit

This recipe came out of the need to give my toddler something to munch on whilst on holiday (especially during long flights and long queues at airports). It turned out surprisingly easy for a gluten free buiscuit. Although this is the basic recipe, I have to admit it comes out different every time I make it (because I can’t resist adding different things to it). So far, I have not had a single disaster batch that turned out innedible. In fact, it is really nice to have something different to look forward to every time I bake it. I tend to bake a batch every Sunday, so I have enough biscuits to carry in my bag for emergencies through the week ? You never know when a toddler will have had enough of waiting… Plus it is an excellent teething biscuit too – the longer you leave it in the oven, the harder the end result will be – which is practical not only because my daughter will exercise her jaws and little gnashers but it also means the biscuits will last a whole week until I finally get another chance to bake another batch (previous moistier versions were starting to go mouldy by the end of the week). It’s up to you how you want it, I find this buiscuit pretty hardy in terms of flexibility, it accepts a lot of changes in  ingredients, quantities, baking time… it seems to me, you can’t go wrong with this one. So with no further ado… here’s the recipe:


1 sweet potato

1 tsp Pink Himalayan salt

2 heaped tbsp organic virgin coconut oil

150g tapioca starch

2 eggs

1 or 2 tbsp fennel seeds (milled preferably)

50g milled flaxseeds/linseeds

50g almond flour

Coconut or buckwheat flour as needed to reach the right consistency


Slice the sweet potato and add to a saucepan with just enough water to just about cover the potato slices. Add some pink Himalayan salt and simmer over low heat for about 10 minutes with the lid on so it doesn’t dry up and burn at the bottom. When soft, add the coconut oil and mash the potatoe slices with the remaining water from the saucepan until no big lumps are left. To that pure, add the tapioca starch and mix well. Let it cool down slightly (or you might cook the eggs) and add the two raw eggs. Mix until they are incorporated into the mixture. Add the remaining ingredients and keep mixing. Finally, add enough coconut flour until the mixture is good to roll up on your fingers (make the shapes you want and lay on a baking tray) or roll out on a dusted worktop to use a cookie cutter (which is much faster btw). I don’t bother greasing the trays but you can if you want. The biscuits tend to come off well once they are cooled (but maybe that’s because I cook them to quite a hard consistency). It’s up to you. You can cover the tray with parchment paper too if you prefer to keep them a bit softer. Baking time is again quite flexible. I normally put them in the pre-heated oven at 180C for about 30 minutes, until golden brown. If you want them softer, try removing before they golden much. Keep an eye. As I said, well cooked, they last pretty well (up to a week). I keep them in a bowl covered with a clean dish cloth. You can add several seeds, spices and flours to the mixture until you come up with your own personal favourite version. The ones shown in the picture were made yesterday and I added some nigella seeds to them.


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