Gluten Sensitivity Testing

The next local meeting for registered Nutritional Therapists in Warwickshire is open to all BANT members (including students) as it will be a unique opportunity to obtain training in the newly introduced gluten-sensitivity tests from Cyrex.

Christine Bailey will offer a free-of-charge 2 hour talk on all the Cyrex arrays to BANT Nutritional Therapists who attend this meeting. She will detail the use and relevance of the tests within the context of Nutritional Therapy.

If you are a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist or student, please get in touch to book your place.

The meeting is due to happen between September/October 2014.

For more details, send me an e-mail or phone Cell Nutrition on the number displayed at the top banner of the site.

This is a great opportunity for training outside London and CPD hours will be accredited to those who attend.

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