When you pay for a consultation, you can expect to receive…

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First and foremost, you pay me to dedicate time to your case, to think about the connections and to put the ‘puzzle together’. That means many hours besides appointments will be necessary. Individualised expert advice and support during the course of a guided programme for lifestyle modification devised especially for you and focused on your symptoms is the result of the time I will spend on your case.  Your preferences, circumstances and needs are essential aspects which determine the pace and shape of your programme.

During consultations, I make use of different tools which I have acquired through years of studies in related areas. As I begin to build your individual case, I will identify the best strategies to work with you and gather the relevant information.  Besides Nutritional Therapy, I am also trained in clinical Psychoneuroimmunology (cPNI), which encompasses many areas outside nutrition.  Depending on the needs identified from your case, we will explore aspects which go beyond diet and nutritional interventions. Psychological, endocrinological, immunological and emotional aspects relevant to your condition will be explained in connection to your lifestyle choices so you understand how they impact on your health.  I will look for the links between your personal history, emotional health and physical symptoms in order to build an accurate picture of your case.  All the explanations will be given during consultation time either in clinic or via online pre-booked appointments.

Your Personal Consultation

I will systematically investigate a number of aspects including your symptoms, medical history, family background, emotional influences, diet, lifestyle,  and physical activity engagement levels.

The information you receive on your first appointment will vary and the tasks we develop together may involve areas outside nutrition.  Everything along the process will contribute to your better  understanding whether it targets reframing of mental processes or learning about the impact of different foods on your health.  As a true individual programme, there are no standard protocols or pre-set formulas that will dominate the outcomes.  The pace of the therapy and the succession of tasks will unfold naturally as I get to know who you are and what will benefit your therapeutic development towards your own goals.

When necessary (but not often), I will suggest functional laboratory tests that will reveal biochemical information to help me establish a therapeutic strategy in accordance to your case scenario.

Then your work will begin.

Your role

It is important that you understand that my work depends on our work as a team. You as the client and I as the therapist will need to establish and develop a therapeutic relationship.  You bring in your health goals and together we will work to achieve them.   I will guide you through the process showing you strategies and explaining what to do.

You should follow the advice and come back with feedback on your next appointment.

Your body will show us both the results.

Outcomes relate to the quality of living and will show up in different ways: healthy energy levels, clear mental state, balanced mood, positive feelings, better hormonal balance, good image and motivation for change.


Your first consultation might be considerably longer than other appointments you may have had in the past.  I will need to learn as much as possible about you and your health and for that I will normally send out questionnaires for you to fill in and return before your first consultation (please check Booking procedures).  Even before we meet, I will start the work on your case by studying the information you send me in advance.

During your first visit, I will make further questions related to the priorities identified from the preliminary assessment.

A follow-up appointment is normally booked for 3 to 6 weeks after your first appointment. The second appointment is an important part of the assessment process as it helps to inform me about the right pace for your individual programme.  Your feedback is an essential part of the therapeutic process as it tells us how your body responds.  From there onward, the therapy will progress according to your circumstances. Whilst some clients may need only a couple of appointments, others might remain in therapy for over a year depending on what they want to address and their rate of progress. I will coach you in this process but you will only come back for as long as you feel you can benefit from therapy.

You will know when you are ready to continue by yourself and that is our ultimate goal.

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