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During your first consultation

  • Discuss your health goals and concerns with your practitioner answering questions about your diet, health history, familial background and lifestyle
  • Work together with your practitioner to establish relevant connections between your personal lifestyle and your health. Note that many aspects outside nutrition might be brought into the process
  • Agree a date for next follow-up appointment (usually 3 to 6 weeks from your initial consultation)

When you arrive for your consultation, your practitioner will discuss the findings from your answered questionnaire and further question you on specific aspects relevant to the analysis of your case. The practitioner will talk to you about your needs and listen to your input on many different aspects related to your personal diet and lifestyle. This information will help build your metabolic profile and confirm therapeutic priorities identified from your Preliminary Assessment Form.

A thorough case history and metabolic profile will be built based on all the information you provide before and during the consultations.

You’ll also be asked to fill in and sign a couple of forms that establish the terms and conditions of our therapeutic relationship.

At the end of your first consultation, an initial action plan will be agreed between you and the practitioner and information on how to proceed during the first stage of the therapeutic programme will also be given to you.

In the majority of cases, a follow up appointment is booked for 3 to 6 weeks later.  This is an important part of the therapeutic program when possible adjustments and further investigations might need to be discussed.  If the investigation of underlying imbalances requires more detailed metabolic information, functional laboratory tests may be suggested.

Please remember payment of your consultation is due on your first appointment.  If you want to pre-pay, you can do it online via Paypal or direct bank transfer.  For details on price structure, please click here. For details on pre-appointment payments via Paypal or direct bank transfer, please contact me on: 01788 298 203.  Please note pre-appointment payments should be made at least 24 hours before the consultation.