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Before your first consultation

For more details check booking procedures.

All Cell Nutrition clients are required to fully complete and submit the Preliminary Assessment Questionnaires as well as read and agree to both Terms of Engagement and Terms of Business documents.

Terms of Engagement

Preliminary Assessment Forms

The pre-consultation questionnaires are essential tools used by the practitioner in the analysis of symptoms and conditions. It saves valuable time of your personal consultation and provides the practitioner with material on which to start work on your case even before you meet for the initial appointment.

Clients should take some time apart to fill all the pages and endeavour to find out any information necessary to complete all sections of the questionnaire. The length of the questionnaire is but a small sample of the time and attention your practitioner will dedicate to the analysis of your individual case.

Please submit questionnaires and food diary one week (or at least 3 days) before your booked appointment.

Food Diary

It is best if you fill in your food diary as you go along rather than rely on memory because we tend to forget small details about our food intake otherwise.  Detailed meal content, snacks, sweets, nibbles, drinks, water, supplements or meal replacement shakes if you take any should all be recorded with their according times of intake.  Whether you eat at home or out, please record everything with accuracy and honesty.  A nutritional therapist’s job is to help and explain, not judge so be honest.