What to expect from your programme with Cell Nutrition

The nutritional therapy programme at Cell Nutrition is divided into 3 phases:

  • Phase I encompasses all the initial procedures through which information is gathered and analysed.  Phase I includes the pre-consultation assessment questionnaires and the first personal consultation with the practitioner. This consultation lasts approximately 90 minutes.  The pre-consultation assessment questionnaires are found in the Client Area. These questionnaires should be submitted to your practitioner before you come for your personal consultation.
  • Phase II entails the initial aspects of the therapeutic process and includes specific tasks discussed and agreed on the first consultation. A follow-up consultation is booked for the end of Phase II.
  • Phase III can last from one to several appointments which become more spaced out with time. When necessary, it includes laboratory investigations and further progress of dietary/supplement prescriptions.  Each programme is determined on an individual basis and therefore alterations to this structure may naturally occur.  Clients are encouraged to actively participate in the decision process setting up the desired pace of progress.  A personalised service means your preferences and circumstances determine the outcomes.  Each client is assessed on an individual basis and the length of the therapeutic programme varies accordingly.

I am not convinced by strict food plans and dietary restrictions (with few exceptions). If you would like to know more about the reasons why please read my blog post here.

Please note that according to the Professional Code of Conduct followed by BANT and CNHC registered practitioners, the contact details of your GP are required as part of your personal information

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