Prices for 2023

Please note I am only offering online consultations at the present time.

Please allow plenty of time for your appointments as they take as long as necessary. The fees that you pay are fixed and include the time the practitioner dedicates to your case whether talking directly with you or researching your case and preparing the rationale for your protocols. The amount of time and effort spent on each client means Nutritional Therapists cannot see that many clients in one day.  In fact, we have to invest quite a lot of time working on each case as we take in consideration all the symptoms and medical history together, working systemically to understand what is going on with the person as a whole.

Clinic Cawston Hall The Cloisters Holmfield Court Clinic
Location Rugby Leamington Spa Leicester
Consultation in clinic £175
Consultation online

Please note: E-mail communication is not intended for therapeutic advice. When e-mailing your practitioner, please expect to be offered a time slot for a phone consultation in order to discuss any questions or issues you may have between appointments. Zoom and phone calls are charged as detailed in the table above.

How many sessions?

A minimal of two sessions is advised as the initial consultation comprises of gathering of information and the second one is an essential part of the assessment process. With most complex cases, considerable learning is necessary for both parties. This means it is not possible to determine how many sessions in total are needed upfront.

Your initial response to therapy and report of how the body reacts to changes is one of the most important aspects for establishing the correct protocol and rate of progress. The most successful outcomes come from cases where both client and therapist work together to finely adjust therapy. This process is sometimes lengthy and slow within the context of multiple long-lasting symptoms or chronic conditions. Each case is taken on a one-by-one basis and each client participates in the decision of how many sessions are needed.

The number of subsequent follow-up sessions will then vary considerably according to individual goals, therapeutic plan and personal circumstances. Rest assured nothing will be imposed upon you or done without your agreement.

Laboratory Tests

Please note outsourced laboratory tests (when needed) incur additional costs and their results will be explained in a follow up consultation.


Cancellations and rescheduling of appointments should be done at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to cancel or reschedule an appointment in due time will incur in 60% charge of the full consultation price to cover practitioner time involved in preparation.


Payment is taken in cash at the beginning of your appointment.  Alternatively, you can pre-pay via PayPal or direct bank transfer (BACS).

For bank/BACS payment details please contact me on: 01788 298 203.

To make a payment via PayPal click here.

Please note payment for the initial online appointment is required in advance of the consultation.


Ludmila Enticott is a recognised PruHealth provider: practitioner reference number PRU3630446. PruHealth offers private health insurance cover.  Check your policy to find out if Nutritional Therapy is included under complementary benefit cover.