What can you do about your DNA?

DNA_Test_MicroscopeResearch shows us that genes are not ‘static’ and their expression can be manipulated by inputs from diet and environment.  This is the latest most exciting news in Genetics because it gives us back control of the outcomes. It is now known we are not a mere product of our genes. Most genes affected by diet and lifestyle will either manifest or remain dormant depending on the stimulus we give our bodies. This means, for example, that someone genetically prone to develop type II diabetes may avoid this fate if the correct diet and lifestyle is maintained throughout life. In fact, most chronic diseases are shown to respond to diet and lifestyle interventions. We now begin to unravel the clues hidden inside our cells for truly personalised healthcare.  By identifying specific genes coding for physiological processes that directly respond to external stimuli, we can focus on maximising health in the most accurate and objective way yet.

Measurable Results – Eliminating the guesswork

Personal Genetic Profiling is easily done via DNA testing, which is based on a non-invasive laboratory analysis of a mouth swab sample submitted through the post.

The following aspects of health may be tested via Genetic Profiling:

  • Capacity to bio-transform and eliminate chemicals from the environment and food compounds
  • Capacity to process fats and carbohydrates and the impact of these dietary components on weight management
  • Predisposition to slow or rapid weight gain
  • Types of predominant muscle fibres and best exercise regimes adapted to individual genetic abilities
  • Predisposition to injuries relating to inflammation, bone and joint strength
  • Key elements affecting sports performance and individualised protocols targeting specific genetic limitations
  • Oestrogen biosynthesis and metabolism
  • Personalised strategies to promote healthier ageing targeting specific key genes
  • Individual needs to maintain a healthier cardiovascular system and prevention of lifestyle diseases

Who is it for?

These tests provide a unique insight into individual genetic response to specific exercise and lifestyle strategies.  They are useful information for anyone looking to optimise health and maximise results from either exercise or dietary manipulation.

Fast Track to Health: what really works for YOU

The accuracy of this information allows for very specific dietary and lifestyle strategies to be applied for each individual in order to maximise results in several areas such as weight management, health promotion, chronic disease prevention and accurate exercise regimes to achieve higher goals. Individuals will benefit from knowing the best choices of foods and specific nutrients that will positively influence their genes and reflect on their health. They will also be able to fine-tune their exercise regimes to their personal abilities, including strategies for fast recovery and best protection from injury.

How does it work?

An initial consultation with a full history investigation is an essential part of the process. DNA test results take a minimum of 2 weeks to become available and their interpretation is provided in a follow up consultation.

Cell Nutrition works with a few different laboratories providing genetic testing.  During your first consultation, you will be advised on the best panel to suit your particular goals.

Interpretation of each panel includes the appropriate dietary and lifestyle strategies that impact positively on gene expression. A gene-based personalised nutrition plan follows the DNA test results with well-informed dietary goals focusing on relevant foods, phytochemicals and nutraceuticals.  Advice on other aspects of lifestyle such as level of exercise required for health purposes is also included.
Personal Genetic Profiling is an optional feature of Nutritional Therapy for those interested in knowing more.

For more information, check this blog article or contact Cell Nutrition