• Chicken Pie (gluten-free)

    Chicken Pie (gluten-free) This is such a great recipe, especially for when you have leftover meat. When I cook chicken breast, I normally cook some spare ones for these types of dishes requiring shredded cooked meat. This recipe is inspired in a Brazilian favourite party food called 'empadinha', which is a savoury finger food common in buffets etc. To make it into small units, you can follow the same procedure below but use mince pie trays to form the miniature pies. It is very adaptable and you can use pretty much any idea you have for a pie filling, as long as it Read More
  • Pizza (Gluten-free)

    Pizza (Gluten-free) There's no denying that the smell of pizza is nice, tempting and mouth-watering. For those who need to go gluten-free for life, it can be hard to imagine you simply can't have certain things anymore. But the good news is, there's always a way round menu restrictions (as long as you are willing to experiment in the kitchen!). So here's my favourite gluten-free recipe for pizza. It is adaptable and it allows variations with different 'flours'. In fact, I've given you 2 different versions below to get you started. They both work well. The only thing you cannot miss out Read More
  • Lime & Coconut Chicken

    Lime & Coconut Chicken Easy to prepare dish that offers a refreshing and tasty combination of flavours whilst providing you with a gluten-free, dairy-free, low carb, low GL, nutrient-rich, paleo-friendly meal option. This dish ticks all the boxes and I encourage you to make it and find out for yourself how pleasant healthy eatingcan be! Ingredients 4 chicken breasts cut into small chunks 1 1/2 onion chopped into 8 big pieces 1 red or yellow sweet pepper cut into cubes 4 cloves of garlic (pressed or mashed with mortar & pestle) 1 1/2 tsp whole cumin seeds 3 heaped tbsp coconut oil Zest & Read More
  • Pizza Omelette

    Pizza Omelette One of the best tasting omelettes I know. It is also a great option for a low carbohydrate meal and for those going Paleo (especially good for when you miss a bit of pizza!). Toddlers who dislike raw tomatoes will welcome this option too. It’s quick and easy to prepare with 5 main ingredients - not bad for healthy fast food. This omelette serves one. If you want to double the ingredients, make sure you divide the mixture into two separate omelettes to avoid breakage. Ingredients 2 tomatoes (chopped into small squares) 2 tbsp butter A little olive oil 2 eggs Read More
  • Bolognese But Not Spaghetti

    Bolognese But Not Spaghetti This recipe is one you should definitely try before you say there can't be Bolognese without spaghetti. It's as tasty as the original one but that much better for you in terms of nutrition all round. It's also an excellent one to up your intake of vegetables. A great crafty recipe for getting your little ones to eat lots of vegetables in one go. I showed it to my son and he asked what it was, I told him in plain honesty: 'it's cabbage spaghetti which mummy made in the kitchen. Try it and see how delicious it is'. He Read More
  • All Natural Chicken Casserole

    All Natural Chicken Casserole I love one pot dinners because they tend to be hearty, tasty and easy to make. I've cooked this one in the oven because I didn't have much time to spare, but you can use a slow cooker if you prepare it in advance. Either way you'll be met with a nice fragant dish to make you feel all warm (and satisfied) inside. To add even more nutrition to this meal, you could serve a small salad as a starter but this is a nice self-contained meal that will combine protein with good amounts of the right fats and carbs. Read More
  • Quick & Tasty Frozen Cod

    Quick & Tasty Frozen Cod This recipe is everything you need it to be: tasty, healthy, quick and relatively cheap. I came up with it in 15 minutes just by opening the fridge and freezer (which were looking rather bare) a few times in a row in a desperate search for inspiration. I'm sure you'll know this situation, especially if you have a toddler to feed and it's lunch time already. No time to mess about! I get great pleasure from coming up with something decent to eat using only whatever I can find in my fridge and cupboards. There and then, on the spot Read More
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