• Keto (Quick) Bread/Bun (GF)

    Keto (Quick) Bread/Bun (GF) I adapted this recipe from Linda's Low Carb website. It is the quickest, easiest and most successful gluten-free keto/low-carb bread recipe I've come across. Here are the measurements I used for my version: Ingredients Approx 1 tbsp of melted butter 1 egg 3 heaped tbsp of linseed flour 2 heaped tbsp of almond flour 1 tsp of baking powder salt to taste (if using unsalted butter) Mix the egg with the melted butter in a small glass pot that fits well inside the microwave. Add the remaining ingredients and mix with a fork until uniform. Once it's all mixed, cleanā€¦ Read More
  • Egg Bread (GF)

    Egg Bread (GF) At last, a recipe for gluten-free bread that works! It was a long journey to get here... But lucky you can cut straight to the chase šŸ™‚ This gluten-free bread recipe allows for common bread replacement in pretty much everything you need it for. It works well from sandwiches to pizza bases. It's like a thin flat bread and it is light and airy, unlike so many other 'gluten-free' breads. It is also high in protein and low in carbohydrates, which gluten-free breads tend not to be. My favourite way to serve it is with a warm homemade tomato salsa (justā€¦ Read More
  • Spreadcake

    Spreadcake This recipe is the result of a rescue operation. It came about as I tried to rescue the lovely ingredients that I had just used to make a healthy pancake mix which went terribly wrong.... šŸ™‚ So as they say, good things do come out of bad ones (sometimes). And a good thing it is because I never really fancy standing around the hob flicking pancakes one at a time. But as pancakes don't require rising, I tend to get tempted in trying to make them without conventional flour (i.e. Gluten). I haven't yet succeeded on that one but you'll beā€¦ Read More
  • Tasty Healthy Porridge - as good as a pudding!

    Tasty Healthy Porridge - as good as a pudding! This is a wonderfully tasty and easy-to-make breakfast that is likely to become your favourite. It has a good balance of nutrients incorporating healthy fatty acids, good protein sources and a low glycemic carbohydrate load. You can have it warm or cold. I normally make a bit extra and keep some in the fridge for when my 3-year-old gets peckish later on in the day. It works as an excellent desert as well! It's home-made with wholesome fresh ingredients and no added sugar. It's a difficult-to-beat tasty breakfast choice. Give it a try and let me know your opinion. Asā€¦ Read More
  • Smooth but whey beyond smoothies

    Smooth but whey beyond smoothies Yep, you guessed it. Iā€™m not a great fan of smoothies. And yes, that includes the ones made purely with fresh fruit. Well the truth is fruit is full of sugar and if you blend it all up, chances are you will eat a lot more than you would manage under normal chewing circumstances - with the added disadvantage that the broken down fibre will accelerate the absorption of the sugar into your bloodstream. So in the end, smoothies are good intentions that don't quite materialize. Ok, if you use it to replace a high street milkshake that would be fullā€¦ Read More
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