• Keto (Quick) Bread/Bun (GF)

    Keto (Quick) Bread/Bun (GF) I adapted this recipe from Linda's Low Carb website. It is the quickest, easiest and most successful gluten-free keto/low-carb bread recipe I've come across. Here are the measurements I used for my version: Ingredients Approx 1 tbsp of melted butter 1 egg 3 heaped tbsp of linseed flour 2 heaped tbsp of almond flour 1 tsp of baking powder salt to taste (if using unsalted butter) Mix the egg with the melted butter in a small glass pot that fits well inside the microwave. Add the remaining ingredients and mix with a fork until uniform. Once it's all mixed, clean Read More
  • Easy Homemade Gluten Free Biscuit

    Easy Homemade Gluten Free Biscuit This recipe came out of the need to give my toddler something to munch on whilst on holiday (especially during long flights and long queues at airports). It turned out surprisingly easy for a gluten free buiscuit. Although this is the basic recipe, I have to admit it comes out different every time I make it (because I can’t resist adding different things to it). So far, I have not had a single disaster batch that turned out innedible. In fact, it is really nice to have something different to look forward to every time I bake it. I tend Read More
  • Egg Bread (GF)

    Egg Bread (GF) At last, a recipe for gluten-free bread that works! It was a long journey to get here... But lucky you can cut straight to the chase 🙂 This gluten-free bread recipe allows for common bread replacement in pretty much everything you need it for. It works well from sandwiches to pizza bases. It's like a thin flat bread and it is light and airy, unlike so many other 'gluten-free' breads. It is also high in protein and low in carbohydrates, which gluten-free breads tend not to be. My favourite way to serve it is with a warm homemade tomato salsa (just Read More
  • Chicken Pie (gluten-free)

    Chicken Pie (gluten-free) This is such a great recipe, especially for when you have leftover meat. When I cook chicken breast, I normally cook some spare ones for these types of dishes requiring shredded cooked meat. This recipe is inspired in a Brazilian favourite party food called 'empadinha', which is a savoury finger food common in buffets etc. To make it into small units, you can follow the same procedure below but use mince pie trays to form the miniature pies. It is very adaptable and you can use pretty much any idea you have for a pie filling, as long as it Read More
  • Crispy Kale

    Crispy Kale This one made me so excited about kale that I ended up getting through 1 Kg of the stuff in the space of a week! Yes... It IS true and you can see why... This is a completely healthy snack that tastes so good it will lead you to addiction! And what an addiction: dark greens that you want to eat every day! Kale is a wonderful healthy leaf but I confess I've struggled to find great ways to consume it in bulk. I sometimes steam it with other veggies, but since I discovered this recipe, I found out what Read More
  • Banana Cake - Gluten/Dairy/Nut-free

    Banana Cake - Gluten/Dairy/Nut-free For those who cannot rely on nut flours for a gluten-free cake, here is a recipe of a tasty banana cake which is dairy-free, gluten-free and nut-free.   Ingredients 270g mixed pumpkin and sunflower seeds flour (use a coffee grinder to make your own flour) 150g rice or buckwheat flour (or a mixture, to which you can also add milled flaxseeds for lightness) 4 eggs 2 very ripe bananas 1 heaped tsp baking powder or bicarbonate soda 1 tbsp powdered cinnamon 1 handful of raisins or sultanas Coconut oil or butter to grease   Pre-heat the oven at 180C. Grease Read More
  • Sweet Potato Brownie

    Sweet Potato Brownie This is a nice gluten and dairy-free treat that is likely to go down well with little ones as well as grown-ups. I love using sweet potato in sweet dishes because I know of a really nice sweet potato pudding in Brazil. So trust me it is not that uncommon and you will see why. Ingredients 2 big sweet potatoes 150g almond flour 65g rice flour (or buckwheat flour) 200g chopped dates 150g raisins 4 tbsp raw chocolate powder 50g pumpkin seeds Pinch of salt   Pierce the sweet potatoes and roast them until soft (skin should easily peel off Read More
  • Homemade Tomato Sauce/Soup

    Homemade Tomato Sauce/Soup This is a great tomato-based sauce to use in general cooking but also to spread on pizza before covering it with your favourite toppings. You not only gain in taste but also add valuable nutrition to your dish by incorporating a range of tasty vegetables in this sauce. Another use for it is serving it straight as a Mediterranean-style soup (in that case, adjust consistency by adding water or stock to your preference). Here's the recipe: Ingredients 2 big onions 1 or 2 peppers (red and green or both red) 2 cloves of garlic 1 carrot 1 stick of celery Read More
  • Pizza (Gluten-free)

    Pizza (Gluten-free) There's no denying that the smell of pizza is nice, tempting and mouth-watering. For those who need to go gluten-free for life, it can be hard to imagine you simply can't have certain things anymore. But the good news is, there's always a way round menu restrictions (as long as you are willing to experiment in the kitchen!). So here's my favourite gluten-free recipe for pizza. It is adaptable and it allows variations with different 'flours'. In fact, I've given you 2 different versions below to get you started. They both work well. The only thing you cannot miss out Read More
  • Winter Juices

    Winter Juices If you are one of those people who don't like vegetables, as a Nutritional Therapist, I'm afraid I haven't got very good news for you. Having said that, maybe this particular post will be just the thing you needed to find out in order to reconcile with the goodness from vegetables. In the winter, we tend to be more inclined to eat hot dishes for obvious reasons. One of the main concerns then is how to get through the same amount of juicy fresh vegetables that might easily be devoured in salads on hot summer days. Winter is a great Read More
  • Roasted Hazelnuts

    Roasted Hazelnuts Have you ever tried roasting your own hazelnuts at home? I'd say it's certainly worth the bother - especially when you have them straight out of the oven, still soft and warm. The house fills up with a wonderful nutty smell which you can only appreciate once you've tried it.... And it can be cheap too! There are lots of hazelnut trees near where I live for example. I only realized it after I saw a few ladies collecting them under the tree a couple of summers ago. There's little opportunity for foraging in our Modern lives. Make sure you take Read More
  • Gluten-free Rich Fruit Cake

    Gluten-free Rich Fruit Cake This year, I made my husband a rich fruit cake(his favourite!) for his birthday and it turned out REALLY nice and tasty. Despite the long(ish) list of ingredients, there's nothing elaborate about it. Try a slice with a cup of Red Bush/Roibosh tea (mixed with a chamomile tea bag in the same cup). There's absolutely no compromise in taste here! This is a real treat if you like fruit cake with tea and also an excellent choice for a rich Christmas cake! (not that I want to start talking about Christmas in September... but it might come handy - so I'll Read More
  • Lime & Coconut Chicken

    Lime & Coconut Chicken Easy to prepare dish that offers a refreshing and tasty combination of flavours whilst providing you with a gluten-free, dairy-free, low carb, low GL, nutrient-rich, paleo-friendly meal option. This dish ticks all the boxes and I encourage you to make it and find out for yourself how pleasant healthy eatingcan be! Ingredients 4 chicken breasts cut into small chunks 1 1/2 onion chopped into 8 big pieces 1 red or yellow sweet pepper cut into cubes 4 cloves of garlic (pressed or mashed with mortar & pestle) 1 1/2 tsp whole cumin seeds 3 heaped tbsp coconut oil Zest & Read More
  • Cookies

    Cookies This raisin and chocolate cookie recipe is gluten-free and in fact grain-free containing healthy fatty acids, plenty of protein, no hydrogenated fat and no added sugar. It is as crumbly and tasty as you should expect a treat to be but with a much better nutritional balance. Besides, three of these cookies are likely to fill you up and leave you satisfied until your next meal. Unlike low-fat and refined carb snacks, these provide a good balance of protein, complex carbs and healthy fats that add up to a low glycaemic load. In other words: they release energy slowly over Read More
  • Spreadcake

    Spreadcake This recipe is the result of a rescue operation. It came about as I tried to rescue the lovely ingredients that I had just used to make a healthy pancake mix which went terribly wrong.... 🙂 So as they say, good things do come out of bad ones (sometimes). And a good thing it is because I never really fancy standing around the hob flicking pancakes one at a time. But as pancakes don't require rising, I tend to get tempted in trying to make them without conventional flour (i.e. Gluten). I haven't yet succeeded on that one but you'll be Read More
  • Pizza Omelette

    Pizza Omelette One of the best tasting omelettes I know. It is also a great option for a low carbohydrate meal and for those going Paleo (especially good for when you miss a bit of pizza!). Toddlers who dislike raw tomatoes will welcome this option too. It’s quick and easy to prepare with 5 main ingredients - not bad for healthy fast food. This omelette serves one. If you want to double the ingredients, make sure you divide the mixture into two separate omelettes to avoid breakage. Ingredients 2 tomatoes (chopped into small squares) 2 tbsp butter A little olive oil 2 eggs Read More
  • Bolognese But Not Spaghetti

    Bolognese But Not Spaghetti This recipe is one you should definitely try before you say there can't be Bolognese without spaghetti. It's as tasty as the original one but that much better for you in terms of nutrition all round. It's also an excellent one to up your intake of vegetables. A great crafty recipe for getting your little ones to eat lots of vegetables in one go. I showed it to my son and he asked what it was, I told him in plain honesty: 'it's cabbage spaghetti which mummy made in the kitchen. Try it and see how delicious it is'. He Read More
  • Tasty Healthy Porridge - as good as a pudding!

    Tasty Healthy Porridge - as good as a pudding! This is a wonderfully tasty and easy-to-make breakfast that is likely to become your favourite. It has a good balance of nutrients incorporating healthy fatty acids, good protein sources and a low glycemic carbohydrate load. You can have it warm or cold. I normally make a bit extra and keep some in the fridge for when my 3-year-old gets peckish later on in the day. It works as an excellent desert as well! It's home-made with wholesome fresh ingredients and no added sugar. It's a difficult-to-beat tasty breakfast choice. Give it a try and let me know your opinion. As Read More
  • Savoury Brazilian Rice

    Like most of my recipes, this is another one of those that came out of a look in the fridge for inspiration. I had some roast chicken left from a Sunday dinner and needed to transform it into a meal for my son. The fridge was looking a bit bare otherwise so I needed to improvise a meal from whatever little I could find. That's when I remembered a savoury rice dish I used to be served in school in Brazil. It used to be my favourite school dinner. I have to say it came out rather tasty considering the Read More
  • Autumn Apple & Plum Fruit Crumble

    Autumn Apple & Plum Fruit Crumble I am very fond of fruit crumble because this is the type of recipe that you can make entirely from natural wholesome ingredients and without any added sugar. This particular crumble recipe is very tasty with the advantage of using two common fruit which complement each other. This is a gluten-free recipe nice enough to serve to guests or to treat your little ones in a healthy way. Ingredients for the crumble 60g pumpkin seeds 60g walnuts or pecans 60g almonds 60g pitted dates Put all the ingredients in a food processor and process until crumbly. Alternatively, grind each of Read More
  • All Natural Chicken Casserole

    All Natural Chicken Casserole I love one pot dinners because they tend to be hearty, tasty and easy to make. I've cooked this one in the oven because I didn't have much time to spare, but you can use a slow cooker if you prepare it in advance. Either way you'll be met with a nice fragant dish to make you feel all warm (and satisfied) inside. To add even more nutrition to this meal, you could serve a small salad as a starter but this is a nice self-contained meal that will combine protein with good amounts of the right fats and carbs. Read More
  • Flourless Dairy-Free Sugarless Cake!

    Flourless Dairy-Free Sugarless Cake! Can you believe this is real? A CAKE recipe that does not require flour, milk, butter or sugar!? Well, I didn’t quite believe it myself until it came out of the oven looking like it actually raised (for my surprise). And then when I cut the first slice and it actually did hold itself in one piece... that was it: I was elated with my creation. After all, it’s not just anywhere you’ll come across anything like a cake without incurring in the use of the worst of the unhealthy ingredients: sugar and flour! By the way: it tastes delicious! Read More
  • Shopping List Alternatives

    I know it can be overwhelming to move from the standard products you’re used to seeing on your supermarket shelves to healthier alternatives that might be new to you and require a bit more research to find. However, it is worth tackling the issue gradually, incorporating maybe one item every month and giving yourself plenty of opportunities to experiment with it until you begin to feel you know how to use a new ingredient and where to find it easily. For that reason, I’ve put together a list of basic ingredients that you should "play with" and gradually incorporate into Read More
  • Savoury Biscuits

    Savoury Biscuits I’ve had a few attempts at this one and my favourite version is here now. If you fancy something on top, check my "Spreads" recipe. I like to make these savoury biscuits for my 2 ½ year old as they are handy to take with us when we’re out and about. I’m not a huge fan of snacks and I’d rather let my son build up a nice appetite for a proper meal. However, with growing children there are moments when they are truly hungry and simply can’t wait. The important thing is to distinguish between boredom and hunger... I know Read More
  • Spreads

    Before I say anything, let me put this straight: these “spreads” have absolutely nothing to do with what you find in the supermarket under the same name. A very important point to make here is: any vegetable oil should drip, not spread. If you use ANY vegetable oil that has been turned into a spreadable cream, you are consuming a heavily processed food. Natural vegetable oils drip and only saturated fats harden at room temperature or in the fridge. That’s the nature of these fats and for that reason I say: if you ask me which product is healthier, spread Read More
  • Quick & Tasty Frozen Cod

    Quick & Tasty Frozen Cod This recipe is everything you need it to be: tasty, healthy, quick and relatively cheap. I came up with it in 15 minutes just by opening the fridge and freezer (which were looking rather bare) a few times in a row in a desperate search for inspiration. I'm sure you'll know this situation, especially if you have a toddler to feed and it's lunch time already. No time to mess about! I get great pleasure from coming up with something decent to eat using only whatever I can find in my fridge and cupboards. There and then, on the spot Read More
  • Smooth but whey beyond smoothies

    Smooth but whey beyond smoothies Yep, you guessed it. I’m not a great fan of smoothies. And yes, that includes the ones made purely with fresh fruit. Well the truth is fruit is full of sugar and if you blend it all up, chances are you will eat a lot more than you would manage under normal chewing circumstances - with the added disadvantage that the broken down fibre will accelerate the absorption of the sugar into your bloodstream. So in the end, smoothies are good intentions that don't quite materialize. Ok, if you use it to replace a high street milkshake that would be full Read More
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