• Eight useful tips for feeding your children healthy foods

    Eight useful tips for feeding your children healthy foods Having a child who refuses to accept new flavours can be a challenge, especially for parents concerned with the nutritional value of their children's meals. That's why I like to concentrate on ideas to stimulate people's imagination and hopefully inspire them to come up with their own personal daily solutions to challenges in the kitchen. A few simple techniques can go a long way to aid imagination when you're put on the spot, looking in the fridge for inspiration. The important point to keep in mind is: don't resort to commercial alternatives. Invest in a little planning in advance, some Read More
  • Fun is more important than taste!

    I often hear people say that 'sweets won't do the children any harm if allowed as occasional treats' but what about the habits we encourage children to develop? It is also important to consider the possible problems that may arise in the future as a consequence of poor health foundations built during the crucial early years. But how to keep your children from developing a taste for the sugary sweets that plague most child settings? Children's natural curiosity and love of fun could be used as tools to help you guide them in the right direction when it comes to Read More
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