Professional Registration and Regulating Bodies

I am a fully insured BANT member and CNHC-registered Nutritional Therapist. I studied Nutritional Therapy to degree level having completed a First Class BSc (Hons) at the University of West London.

After a few years in practice, I decided to specialise in clinical Psychoneuroimmunology (cPNI), for which I studied at post-graduate level for 2 years with the Natura Foundation/PNI Europe.

BANT stands for British Association for Applied Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine. It is the professional body for nutritional therapists in UK and membership is subject to high standards of training and continued professional development. All BANT members complete a minimum of 30 hours CPD every year.  To access my BANT profile, please click here.ScrollCropped

CNHC stands for Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.  CNHC is the regulating body for Nutritional Therapists in UK and an accredited register under the Professional Standards Authority (PSA).

Any information acquired through Cell Nutrition is strictly confidential and stored in accordance with UK law through the Data Protection Act 1998.  Client’s record details are never passed to third parties without written consent.

Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Nutrition science is an extremely dynamic field of study that requires constant updating efforts for those who intend to keep up with the fast-paced rhythm of emerging research. I have a passion for learning which has met endless possibilities within the vast field of Clinical Nutrition and Psychoneuroimmunology (cPNI).

My career development plans include further training in related areas within Psychoneuroimmunology for targeted behaviour change and a masters in cPNI. Clinical PNI encompasses the psychosomatic and emotional aspects of care as fundamentally related to the physical health of individuals. Described as a combination of “hard science and soft skills”, clinical PNI complements Nutritional Therapy with the essential consideration of the human dimension of physical and emotional problems. For more information on cPNI, visit the Natura Foundation website or read one of my blog posts here.


As part of my CPD activities, I attend several BANT-approved seminars and training days throughout the UK every year.  These seminars are themed around the nutritional influences on all major bodily functions and the latest developments in nutrition science.

Having completed academic research in the field of insulin resistance and fasting exercise, pre-diabetic states associated with the metabolic syndrome and chronic medical diseases are of particular interest to me.