Cell Nutrition is a Nutritional Therapy practice based in the Midlands and run by me, Ludmila Enticott. I work from 4 different clinics with consultations available in Rugby (CV22), Leamington Spa (CV31) and Leicester (LE2),


I am qualified with a First Class BSc (Hons) degree in Nutritional Therapy from the University of West London and I am a BANT and CNHC registered practitioner.

I am also a practitioner of clinical Psychoneuroimmunology (cPNI), a complex applied science which focuses on the connections between several external influences and physical-emotional health.

I am an approved member of the BANT Nutrigenic Counsellor Register and a referring practitioner for DNALife and Genova Diagnostics Nutrigenomic Profiling Tests.  My research project in university focused on the effects of fasting exercise on muscle fat reserves as biomarkers of insulin resistance. Since then I have become fascinated with the evolutionary reasoning behind diets and other lifestyle habits that determine the expression of our genes via ‘epigenetics’.

I have been studying nutrition since 2005 and my next career development plans include further specialisations in areas relevant to clinical psychoneuroimmunology (cPNI). Having completed academic research in the field of insulin resistance, metabolic states associated with chronic inflammation, low energy/fatigue and altered immunity are of particular interest to me.

The recognition of each individual as a person with distinct requirements is a fundamental aspect of the Nutritional Therapy services offered through Cell Nutrition.  Individual choice and client participation are encouraged and respected at all times.

For more information about my professional qualifications and memberships, please click here.

Clinical approach

My clinical approach follows a systems biology model of healthcare where ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts’.  Body and mind are complex biological systems that network collaboratively in a dynamic self-organising way. The interpretation of symptoms, health and disease from this perspective means interventions require consideration for the whole person and the context around each individual. This framework of care fulfils my personal ambitions to work with individuals from an integrative perspective supported by science.

Over the years, one of my biggest concerns has been the ability to help people understand and value nutritional advice.  Today we live in a fast world of unprecedented opportunities for learning and communicating, but the overwhelming amount of information available also contributes to misconceptions and confusion.  The online sale of generalised solutions to individual problems is often at the core of misunderstandings. One of the most key aspects of effective nutritional advice is therefore individual relevance supported by a scientific rationale.

My priority as a Nutritional Therapist is to empower people with the understanding of nutritional information relevant to their personal realities.  Through a process of education in clinic, clients gain knowledge of health promoting strategies fit for their goals and circumstances.  Their medical history, familial background, lifestyle and dietary habits, as well as emotional influences and personal circumstances are all carefully considered before my personalised recommendations are made. Empowered by knowledge, clients gain independence. With a background of over 15 years in teaching and education, I use this experience to assess the needs of individuals and facilitate learning at different levels. Changes in behaviour can only occur successfully when supported by knowledge and understanding.  My goal is to guide and support clients in their search for the connections between their bodily signals and their health.  Patients will achieve the means to manage their own lifestyles by understanding how to select what is beneficial to them.

As an integrated form of care, Nutritional Therapy is complementary to conventional mainstream medicine. I therefore work in collaboration with GPs and other healthcare professionals to ensure individuals can achieve safe and effective results.

BANT Local Network Coordinator for Warwickshire

As a regional coordinator, I am the point of contact for local Nutritional Therapists in Warwickshire.  I organise regular local meetings for BANT members with the aim to promote discussions, share learning/experience and network.  I also focus on supporting and promoting Nutritional Therapy within the wider community in Warwickshire.