Welcome to Cell Nutrition

First and foremost, personalised care to an individual seen as a whole person is what Cell Nutrition is all about.  A whole-person approach demands more than a collection of symptoms to be considered.

People present with health complaints, long-term conditions and needs but they also have their own experiences, personal knowledge and strenghts to be taken into consideration. Here your history is taken with care and time to identify the multiple connections that exist amongst symptoms, how these relate to the wider context in which you exist, and how you can go forward to make positive changes towards enhanced wellbeing.

My name is Ludmila Enticott and I run the Nutritional Therapy and PNI practice called Cell Nutrition with clinics in Rugby and Leamington Spa.

Clients commonly seek help with symptoms relating to pain (muscle/joint/arthritic pain, general body aches or headaches), sleep, digestive issues, immune function, hormonal imbalances, fertility, unexplained fatigue, stress, anxiety, weight, food cravings, food sensitivities and mood alterations amongst others.

If you are diagnosed with a chronic disease, it is worth knowing what symptoms mean in terms of changes to your health.  Whether you suffer with multiple symptoms or are looking to improve health and wellbeing, there is a lot to benefit from consulting a Nutritional Therapist.

With so many contradictory sources of information available on nutrition these days, it can be difficult to identify what works for you personally. Nutritional Therapy focuses exactly on that: on what is relevant for you within your context and the reasons why.

Combining knowledge of food, physiology and the impact of lifestyle habits on health, Nutritional Therapy can teach you what you need to know to understand and successfully keep your body at its best.

A long life can only be enjoyed with health and health needs to be actively maintained throughout life.Protein_3D_s

Find out for yourself what your body has been trying to communicate through your symptoms.  Start a journey of self-discovery and regain confidence in your health.